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28 July

Muriel’s Diaries


Diaries will be the spot where we post entries from Muriel’s diaries.  Sometimes it’s a snippet about her day, sometimes she dishes on the people they met.  Sometimes it’s a full blown description of really important events and sometimes it’s more of a calendar of who and where and when.  There are doodles by other people and a lot of names you will recognize.  Follow along and get a feel what it was like to live in Paris and London and New York during the Jazz Age.  We’ll start posting Muriel’s diaries when we get to the part of the story when she starts keeping them.  We put a sample below to give you an idea of what to look forward to.

Muriel's Diary from October 24th & 25th, 1926

October 23, 1926:  Brooks, Bob and I took another bus ride this afternoon – started out at four and didn’t get back in town until six – Had dinner at a funny little place with wooden topped tables – but where you can get very good food – Its name is “Snow’s Shop House”  – Got home at seven to rest until time to go to work.  After work we went to a party at Talulu Bankhead’s [sic].

Sunday, 24  At three thirty Brooks, Bob and I went to tea at Talulu [sic] Bankhead’s – We stayed there all day playing new records  and sitting in front of her fire talking.  We called on Billie Bishop on our way home, at seven o’clock and had a cocktail.  Romano’s was a sad sad place tonight – Very few people and those who were there wanted nothing but waltzes, and were dull –