Jazz Age Diva


Welcome to the extraordinary life and times of Muriel – our Jazz Age Diva. This true story has never before been shared with the public.   Follow along and Muriel will take you on a journey back to amazing people, places and a time that has captured the imagination of people all over the world.  You’ll experience all this through the eyes of an unforgettable woman who lived life to the fullest and completely on her own terms. 

Did you see the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris? This blog will be like catching that car every night at midnight and going back to visit with all those remarkable people who defined the Jazz Age. 

First you will travel with Muriel in a covered wagon and experience life in a desolate mining camp in Nevada. From there it is off to the banks of California’s majestic Russian River, a playground for the famous actors, writers, artists and bohemians who frequented her family’s home. You’ll listen to letters from her friends and admirers, including ones from young men gallantly serving in France during World War I. They are guaranteed to tug at your heart and bring a tear or two.  

You will experience life at UC Berkeley where she meets the love of her life, Bob.  Together they begin an adventure that will land them in the midst of one of the most exciting times and places in history – 1920’s Paris. Almost by accident, they become the toast of two continents, performing in world famous night clubs, cabarets and speakeasies.  We could do a lot of name dropping here, but we want you to be surprised. Trust that the people they knew and partied with reads like the “who’s who” of the Roaring 20s; and the wild and crazy things they did promises to entertain and occasionally, shock.

The story doesn’t end there.  When the Jazz Age bubble burst, Muriel picks up the pieces and begins a new life, and then another. This isn’t a typical happy ever after kind of story in the ways you might expect. Muriel didn’t live that kind of life. There is glamour and excitement, celebrity, paparazzi and headlines, triumph and tragedy, love and betrayal.  Muriel’s life held all that and so much more. 

Above all, this is a love story that will be told by the three siblings who knew her best during the last years of her life. Muriel trusted Patricia, Matt and Karen so much that she left us all her memories and life story – with the promise that we would one day share them with the world.  This is us keeping that promise.

We believe this is the first time anything like this has been attempted on a blog….or “Blogography” as we have termed it. To better give you a sense of what her life and times were like, we have compiled a variety of multi-media tools to help tell her story. 

For example, Muriel’s Story is the main post which will tell Muriel’s life journey. In Diaries, you can read Muriel’s actual journals which are sometimes funny, sometimes heart-breaking, and sometimes rather wicked.  Family contains information, stories, biographies and genealogical information on Muriel’s family, who were true pioneers and quite remarkable in their own right.

Click on Friends and you’ll learn how Muriel knew these people and find information, pictures, video and audio clips about the colorful friends who populated her life.  In Scrapbook, you will find hundreds of Muriel’s pictures, newspaper clippings and even some scandalous headlines. We have also added audio clips and videos about Muriel, her family and friends. 

Look in Places and you will be swept away to California and Nevada in the early 1900s, then on to the roaring 1920s in Paris, Venice, London and New York.  You will see pictures of the places where Bob & Muriel performed and entertained and learn the history of some of these iconic night clubs, some of which are still open today.  Making Of Jazz Age Diva is where we each will share personal stories about our time with Muriel and how knowing her and telling her story has changed our lives. Check in to witness what a funny, tender, frustrating, hysterical and fulfilling journey this has been for us as we tackle this project. It’s as if Muriel herself is here pulling the strings! 

Note that we usually won’t add pictures, diaries, bios, links, video or audio clips until we get to that part of Muriel’s story, but occasionally we will tease you with a few to give you a preview of what’s coming. 

On the right hand navigation bar there is an audio icon that you can click and listen to music of the era. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to sign up on the RSS feed so we can keep you up to date on the latest posts and news.   

In the coming months, we will be adding several new features, and we always invite your comments and suggestions. We hope all this will provide an entertaining look into Muriel, our Jazz Age Diva, who was part of the lost generation and helped to define a time and place unlike any other. 

So welcome to Jazz Age Diva.  Buckle your seat belts……you’re in for quite a ride.   

Latest Updates: 

1. We are currently adding new post four times a week.  Monday – Wednesday and Friday there will be a new post in Muriel’s Story.  On Saturdays, we add a new post to the Making of JAD.