Muriel’s Friends

During her adventures, Muriel made numerous friends whom she often wrote about in her diaries.  A few were famous at the time she met them, but most were like her, young kids just starting out looking to each other for support and encouragement.  Many of these friends went on to become famous actors, musicians and artist who helped define the Jazz Age.  As the story continues, we will continue to add the names of dozens of Muriel’s friends as they come into her life.


AntoineApache Gang

Arden, Elsie

Astaire, Adele

Astaire, Fred

Baker, Josephine

Bankhead, Tallulah

Barnwell, Mary “Mania”

Bell, Clive

Bishop, Billy

Blochman, Larry & Daisy

Blomshield, John

Brown, Hugh

Brown, Marjorie

Bullard, Eugene

Cocteau, Jean

Davis, Deering

Doucet, Clement

Earp, Wyatt



Edward, Prince of WalesEstelle, Madame

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Fitzgerald, Zelda

Gramajo, Arturo

Hemingway, Ernest

Hughes, Langston

Jones, Florence

Joyce, James

Kapp, Spencer

Lafler, Harry & Mary

Larson, Fred

London, Jack

Love, Bessie

Maugham, Somerset

Mahoney, Dr. Dan

Mitchell, Louis

McGurrin, Buckley

Moyses, Louis

Nadria, Prince

Pantages, Alexander





Payne, Nina “Dolly”Pepito

Ray, Man

Robinson, Bill “Bojangles”

Sheldon, Mr.

Sterling, George

Stewart, Ken

Strickfaden, Charlie

Swanson, Gloria

Teal, Ray

Tjader, Callen & Victoria

Twain, Mark 

Valentino, Rudolph

Varounis, George E.


Weiner, Jean

Woods, Bert