Dr. Daniel Mahoney

Dr. Daniel Mahoney was a medical doctor Muriel knew when he was a small boy living in San Francisco.  Dr. Mahoney tended to Muriel when she became very ill in Paris in late 1925.

In 1936, Djuna Barnes wrote a book called Nightwood, about two lesbian lovers and a doctor living in Paris in the 1920s. Barnes stated that the two lesbian characters were based on her and her lover, and the doctor in the book was based on their friend, Dr. Daniel Mahoney. Barnes described Dr. Mahoney as an “Irish-American, quack doctor, sometimes abortionist, flamboyantly campy homosexual and café raconteur.” It was reported that Dr. Mahoney was so angry at her that one night he broke into Barnes’ apartment, held her hostage throughout the night and knocked her down several times when she tried to escape.